Plan Sponsors

We work with you to make your 401k plan a valuable benefit for your employees.






Plan design and compliance.

In our world of retirement plans, only one thing is certain: CHANGE is constant. Congress is continually placing more burdens on plan sponsors with an overwhelming volume of legislation. It is critical that the legal, compliance and design aspects of your plan are kept current. Palmer Retirement Consultants will analyze the design and administrative features of your company’s plan from an unbiased perspective.

Review process includes:

  • Employee deferral limits and employee tax credit incentives
  • Employer plan contributions. Which formula is best for your company?
  • Ease of online participant access for account balance inquiry and changes
  • Automatic enrollment features
  • Optimum frequency and educational content of employee communications
  • Complying with 404(c) investment guidelines and requirements
  • Management of any conversion/transition process



Finding the Right Provider

Having to review retirement plan provider proposals can be time-consuming, confusing and frustrating. Too often, vendor-provided proposals do not include enough information to determine administrative, record keeping, compliance and employee communication services. Total plan costs are usually impossible to determine from the face of the proposals.

Palmer Retirement Consultants is the Plan Sponsor’s outsource partner in the plan provider review process. PRC does all of the plan vendor research, which enables Plan Sponsors to eliminate the confusion and frustration of selecting a 401(k) provider. We dramatically reduce the amount of time plan sponsors must allocate to the evaluation of new plan providers.

For those plan sponsors satisfied with their current vendor, but needing better advice, PRC can easily be named new broker of record to provide all services on your existing plan.



Communication and Education

A good communication program is critical to the success of a company’s retirement plan. At Palmer Retirement Consultants we understand the development of an effective communication program varies greatly from business to business. We review the wide variety of options available with your retirement plan committee and create the most appropriate program for your employees.

Consistent communication of the plan increases employee understanding and participation while raising appreciation of the benefit.

Communication Services provided:

  • Enrollment and educational materials
  • On-site group enrollment meetings
  • On-site individual enrollment meetings
  • On-site group investment education meetings
  • Access to a Registered Investment Advisory
  • Access to on-line investment and financial planning

Together we will make a plan.